Hi! I'm Cara. I'm 22. From Scotland.

We live our lives and take our chances. We're still young enough to dream that we'll go far. ♥

I am so scared for these exams and I feel really unprepared.

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Yoncé/Partition by Beyoncé

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Dougie’s best man speech in Tom’s wedding

“Dougie can get away with saying stuff that no one else can, like if I said the stuff that he says I’ll be in prison” -Tom Fletcher

I have completely wasted my evening by not studying. Instead, I started my job search and searched for things I want to be doing when I go to South Africa. Man, I am SO EXCITED. 

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I was in the middle of talking to Jayne after she trapped me in the cupboard and she just walked away. RUDE. 

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I will cry when I see The Fault in Our Stars. I well up at the trailer still. I’m so excited! 

I have an exam on Tuesday and one the next Tuesday and I am so unprepared it hurts. I have no idea how I’m going to learn all this stuff. D: 

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Favorite thing shouted from the crowd?

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Bath time!

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Bath time!

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